Check Out the New Dispaly at the Library!


The display cases this month are filled with personal keepsakes from SAU students and faculty that they have graciously given up for a little while. Titled A Few of My Favorite Things, this display plays off of the Christmas song from “Sound of Music.” Although it was difficult to find volunteers who were willing to part with their favorite things for a month, what we did find was pretty interesting.

Stop by and take a look at what these Ambrosians value the most. A stuffed panda bear holds an inside joke and comfort, while a Starbucks cup represents a student’s love of coffee that she inherited from her family. Another student braved the adventure of skydiving and put her certificate in the display case as proof while yet another studied abroad in two countries and brought back a postcard to represent months of memories. The faculty members brought interesting items into the cases with a wooden whistle in the shape of Shakespeare and one very rare ticket to Woodstock. That’s right, we have a ticket for the August 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair in our display cases!

You can read the entire story of how this ticket was obtained as well as other stories behind the objects by checking out the display cases throughout the month of November. As you view the items and Thanksgiving and Christmas creep closer, it might be interesting to contemplate our own favorite things, whether tangible or not, and remember if we’ve been grateful for them lately. After all, it wouldn’t be a favorite thing if it didn’t hold meaning, memory, or value, and all of those are worth being thankful for.

-Contributed by Rachel Pasker



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