What Does Good Research Look Like?

“What Does Good Research Look Like?”

This is a question that hopefully goes through the mind of many students when faced with the task of researching a paper or project. The question also happens to be the title of a two case display taking place at the SAU Library this March.  Four student scholars who presented at the 2013 Undergraduate Scholar’s Conference are featured.  These students volunteered their work and shared their bibliographies, PowerPoint presentations and/or poster from the conference with the SAU library staff.  The staff then used their sources to pull books from the stacks, print on-line articles from the databases we subscribe to, include media and reference interlibrary loan materials — in order to call attention to  just what goes into compiling good research. We feel that good research looks like this…utilizing a variety of sources and library tools.


The featured students and their subjects are:

Jessica Dorene Barr: Propaganda Posters of the Spanish Civil War and the Cuban Revolution

Jessica Pera: Rapists’ Parental Rights Over Rape-Conceived Children

Eryka Berglund and Stephanie Thompson: Discovering How Nature Affects Perceptions of Self and Environment

In addition to displaying what these students have achieved in their pursuit for excellent research, this project also helps the SAU Library highlight how we are meeting our educational mission* AND gives us the chance to make people more aware of the Undergraduate Scholar’s Conference.

The Undergraduate Scholar’s Conference is an annual conference that takes place in the Rogalski Center on campus in late April.  On-line applications will go out to all SAU students via e-mail in mid-March.  We hope more students will consider applying for the 2014 conference after seeing the display.  http://www.sau.edu/College_of_Arts_and_Sciences/Initiatives/Undergraduate_Scholars_Conference.html

*The mission of the SAU Library is to select, organize, and maintain print and electronic resources that support the curriculum and information needs of our campus community. We contribute to the educational mission of St. Ambrose University by teaching library use and strategies for independent learning and providing an environment that encourages study, intellectual and cultural endeavors, and personal growth.


About libstaff

Bryan Hinds Evening Circulation Supervisor St. Ambrose University 518 W. Locust St. Davenport IA 52803
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