Ambrose Hall Display

By Tessa Pozzi:

In light of the renovations being made to the lovely Ambrose Hall, the Archives and Special Collections has put together a display about Ambrose Hall which is located on the third floor of the Library. The display celebrates the history and changes made over the years to this historic building. The display also houses some Ambrose Hall artifacts, such as the original cornerstone and a brick from the building.

Many may not know that Ambrose is comprised of many different sections that were constructed in different times as the college expanded. The original building was completed between 1885 and 1887; this section is the one that features the clock tower. Different sections were added all the way up to 1917. AmbroseHallAmbrose Hall once housed the entire university; it consisted of classrooms, the Ambrose Tower dormitory rooms, a cafeteria, a bowling alley, an auditorium, a banking/teller setup for the commercial department, and the original library.

Ambrose Hall, without a doubt is one of the most interesting buildings on campus. It is full of history and intrigue, as the foundation of our campus. For more information about Ambrose Hall, please visit the third floor of the library to see the display.


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One Response to Ambrose Hall Display

  1. Chloe says:

    Very interesting! It’s insane thing think the college was in one building and now we have several and it’s a university! St. Ambrose history is very interesting! Ambrose Hall by far is the most interesting building on campus!

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