National Preservation Week

As many of you probably know, the SAU Library houses the Archives and Special Collections Department located on the third floor. This department is devoted to housing and preserving materials related to the history of St. Ambrose University. Since this week is National Preservation Week, the Archives and Special Collections department would like to pass on some helpful information about preservation:

Happy National Preservation Week!  This national celebration week is an excellent reminder to practice preservation in both our professional and personal lives.

What can I do at work?

Spring clean and determine what to shred, recycle, trash, keep or archive.  See the attached handout for tips and visit this link to learn how to prepare material for the archives.

What can I do at home?

This week reminds us to be mindful of backing up our files, perhaps organizing our digital photos and videos, recording family histories, and knowing where our vital documents are – birth certificate, social security card, passport, last will and testament, etc.

A resource for managing the digital material in your personal life is the Library of Congress.

In light of the recent flooding, many of you may want to listen to a webcast called “Accidents Happen, Protecting & Saving Family Treasures.”  Click on the link “access the webcast now” to download the file.

If you would like more information on the Archives and Special Collections Department, please follow the link below:
A very nice display featuring a variety of the various types of material housed in the department is on display on the 1st Floor of the SAU library. If you have a chance, feel free to come in and check it out this weekend.


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