Notes from the SAU Library Archives

Ghost of Ambrose Hall

By Tessa Pozzi

            In light of Halloween, I will be telling the story of the Ghost of Ambrose Hall. This topic has on many occasions showed up in the school newspaper as a way to provide a nice fictional story for the entertainment of students here at SAU. With the exception of one article—Adam Hurlburt wrote about his experience with IPART (Iowa Paranormal Advance Research Team) in 2007.  Here I will give background information on the Ghost of Ambrose Hall and retell Adam’s spine tingling experience.

             The story most commonly agreed on is that there was a seminarian who lived in Ambrose Hall when it still had dorms, and for reasons unknown took his own life. This tall, red haired lanky ghost is said to roam the third and fourth floor corridors. Many have stated that they have heard strange noises and seen flickering lights at night on these levels of Ambrose Hall.  All these speculations finally led to a paranormal investigation by IPART and SAU’s own Adam Hurlburt on October 10, 2007.  I was lucky enough to receive the investigations report directly from IPART and will tell you of some of the activity from that night.

           The team arrived on campus around ten at night, long past the time the building is open, and set up their equipment and spread out around the fourth floor. The first odd phenomenon was that team member, Kim, heard knocking along the stair banister around eleven p.m.  Thirty minutes later, two metal sounding knocks occurred and then two more knocks along the drywall. Then, knocks were heard along the ceiling.  At midnight, Kim felt something rubbing her leg for thirty seconds, but did not know what it was.  The team smelled Myrrh from incense that Catholic priests would burn during masses which were again smelled later.  Nearing one a.m., two team members saw inexplicable flashes of lights in separate areas of Ambrose Hall. At the end of the investigation at two a.m., a white light area was seen hovering over a “control object” which was a rosary. After the investigation was over, the team listened through the audio recording of the night and heard disembodied voices saying “hi” and “Jesus is dead.”

           The team could not declare the building haunted because they did not have enough visual proof—despite the numerous mysterious events and off the chart EMF readings.  I personally believe in the Ghost of Ambrose Hall, and maybe you still are skeptical. You are the one to decide whether to let this sway your judgment.  Just know the next time you are alone in the corridors of Ambrose Hall and feel like you are not alone, you might not be.

Happy Ghost Hunting!


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