Bee Caught Reading! SAU Staff Summer Reading Program






Whatcha’ readin’ this summer? Fiction or non-fiction? Is it a page-turner or a sleeping aid? We’d love to know. You are cordially invited  to participate in the Bee Caught Reading! SAU Staff Summer Reading Program. The program runs from June 9, 2008 – August 9, 2008. All participants who successfully complete all activities listed in the Bee Caught Reading! log will receive a cool prize! All members of the SAU staff and SAU student workers are encouraged to participate. Sign up at the SAU Library Reference Desk to receive your reading log.

*Our thanks to the SAU Staff Assembly for their support of the Summer Reading Program.


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Bryan Hinds Evening Circulation Supervisor St. Ambrose University 518 W. Locust St. Davenport IA 52803
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3 Responses to Bee Caught Reading! SAU Staff Summer Reading Program

  1. Joyce Haack says:

    I would like to suggest the book “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert

  2. Jean Hess says:

    I have ordered Whose Best Interest: A Fight to Save Two American Kids by Rene Howitt on line from another library because only one other library had the book. I suggested that SAU purchase the book. I have recommended this book because it deals with this nation’s troubled youth who grow up in a fatherless society. I feel it should be required reading for those in the Social Work, Education, aandd Criminal Justice programs.

  3. Susan Jameson says:

    For those who like historical fiction, I recently read two fantastic books. “Innocent Traitor” by Alison Weir, who generally writes historical nonfiction, is a fantastic account of Lady Jane Grey, who was queen for 9 days after Henry VIII’s son Edward died and before Elizabeth I’s sister Mary took the thrown. It is told in the first person and from a number of points of view (Jane, her mother, Mary, etc.). Great book and very historically accurate. Another great one is “I, Elizabeth” by Rosalind Miles. This is told in a diary-type format and takes Queen Elizabeth I from childhood through the end of her reign. It gets a bit tedious in the middle, but again the historical accuracy from this former nonfiction writer is in great detail.
    Happy reading!

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