Haiku Contest Entries

(Originally posted April 25, 2007)

The staff members of O’Keefe Library at SAU are very pleased to present the first entries in our Haiku Contest. We will be accepting submissions through  May 11, 2007. For contest rules and details, please see the O’Keefe Brief’s Fun Stuff page by clicking here or on the link above.

O’Keefe Library…

I’m drawn like a moth to light.

Just for reference.

-Anonymous 1

Just seeking answers,

I learn more about my questions.

It’s more than just books.

-Anonymous 2

It’s haunting me now.

It draws me to the front desk.

It’s Carol Anne singing!

-Anonymous 3

As a daffodil

arcs t’wards the earth,

a student bends over her books.

-Babawa Kutawa, O’Keefe Library, SAU


The best evidence

That humans are truly good

A vault with no gate

-Anonymous 4

Walked into poem aisle

However someone passed gas

And I left coughing

-John Kuhn, SAU student

Write on the third floor

Papers cranked out lightning quick

I can enjoy spring

-John Kuhn, SAU student

Stoic personage

The keeper of fallen leaves

We ask and then wait

-James O’Gorman, O’Keefe Library, SAU 

Boolean and or

Nested inside half circles

Fish and leap not bait

-James O’Gorman, O’Keefe Library, SAU

Curse of the pharaohs

My adventures with mummies

Nineteen ninety-five

-James O’Gorman, O’Keefe Library, SAU

SIRSI catalog

Adventures through the seasons

Children teens adults

-James O’Gorman, O’Keefe Library, SAU

Peace Like a River

flowing in real time resists


-Leslie Ross, O’Keefe Library, SAU

average student

information literate

inherits the sea

-Leslie Ross, O’Keefe Library, SAU 

Amazon dot com

Go hunting for a good book

To read at day’s end

-James O’Gorman, O’Keefe Library, SAU

Yankee book orders

In math sports and history

Fly off and be gone

-James O’Gorman, O’Keefe Library, SAU

I’ve been told to quit

Writing haiku poetry

Keep a good man down

-James O’Gorman, O’Keefe Library, SAU

library cafe…

we both swap lost key stories

as my coffee cools

-Alan Summers, UK, (Haiku relating to Bristol Central Library in England.)


thoughts tumble serene

through waves of pages white caps

harbor library

-Stella Herzig, O’Keefe Libary, SAU


Sun peers down amongst

Steel trees to where I daydream,

curled about a book.

-Emily Bennett, SAU student


I creep between shelves

Half hearing the noise of those

Who live on each page.

-Emily Bennett, SAU student

leather and binding glue

incense of the scholars faith

this is my temple

-Alex Hogg, SAU student


I should be reading,

I cannot stop this doodling.

Catich would be proud.

-Anonymous 5

air brakes and gears groan

pavement creaks and diesel wafts

wondrous bookmobile

-Renee Busha, SAU staff

Letters spring to life

form worlds in my consciousness

reality fades

-Jon Turnquist, Occupational Therapy, SAU

Dreams jump from pages

Fireflies spark, twirl, and dance

Souls are awakened

-R. Elizabeth Dague, SAU student

Three story building

My Secluded study place

Knowledge is Power

-Anonymous 6


A new book to read

First page is opening night

Theater of the mind

-Jon Turnquist, Occupational Therapy, SAU


Lots of Computers

With Online Databases

Paperback is Best

-Anonymous 7

Knowledge surrounds us

It finds us all in O’Keefe

Springing forth for all

-Bobbi Jackson, SAU student

Research Methods Kills

Only thing to look for is,

My Graduation

-Brandon Woods, SAU student


Tranquil, pleasant, quiet

Silence from well informed books

Research not peaceful

-Brandon Woods, SAU student

Rows of videos

Paste into my PowerPoints

Students understand

-Jon Turnquist, Occupational Therapy, SAU



About libstaff

Bryan Hinds Evening Circulation Supervisor St. Ambrose University 518 W. Locust St. Davenport IA 52803
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