Look Who’s Jumped On The Blog Wagon!

What’s that you say? The O’Keefe librarians are blogging now? Aren’t blogs effectively Web-based diaries detailing the quotidian goings-on of the blogger? How is a typical library post going to read?

DATELINE JANUARY 15TH: A book about Abraham Lincoln was checked out today and is due back on February 5th; the study carrels on the second and third floors of the library need to be polished; a book from the library’s collection was found holding a window open in the staff lounge.

*Cough* Boring! The O’Keefe Brief was created with something else in mind: to provide a World Wide Web venue for faculty, staff, and students of St. Ambrose University to find libary news, information, and entertainment. The Library staff chose the blog format to provide a level of interactivity not found in print or more traditional web-based newsletters.

Why a Library Blog?
College and university libraries perform a unique function on campuses and in communities by providing common ground where students, staff, faculty, and local residents with different academic interests and unique backgrounds can come together and exchange ideas. The O’Keefe brief is designed to stretch that concept of “common ground” beyond the physical boundaries of the library building to include a World Wide Web audience. The increased potential for participation and collaboration afforded by the format will allow SAU students, faculty, and staff to make new connections on campus and in the larger community.

Reader Benefits and Reader Participation
The O’Keefe Brief hopes to encourage Library patrons, whether online or in person, to deepen their understanding of a wide variety of subjects by engaging in an online conversation with us about important concepts and skills related to library research and information seeking.   We want this to be a joint endeavor. If you read about an exciting event that will take place at the Library but need more information, inquire by posting a comment. If you read an article on the Front Page that makes you think, express your views by posting a comment. We see this format as a way to expand library services by creating an online forum that will accommodate any interested party with an Internet connection. 

Here at St. Ambrose University, working toward intellectual progress as a scholarly community ties us together and our mutual respect and appreciation for one another’s unique qualities and strengths contributes to a dynamic and engaged population. We hope the O’Keefe Brief will aid us in furthering our commitment to foster and support a culturally rich and diverse learning environment by providing on online gathering place.

Please be advised that comments are subject to moderator approval before posting.


About libstaff

Bryan Hinds Evening Circulation Supervisor St. Ambrose University 518 W. Locust St. Davenport IA 52803
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One Response to Look Who’s Jumped On The Blog Wagon!

  1. Stella says:

    This is a fantastic site!!!
    (I am not even biased or anything!)

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